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Feb 19, 2018

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Feb 18, 2018

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Feb 17, 2018

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Feb 16, 2018

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Feb 15, 2018

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Feb 14, 2018

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Feb 13, 2018

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Feb 12, 2018

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Feb 11, 2018
Completed - This maintenance is now complete. All systems appear normal.
Feb 11, 06:00 EST
Update - Database updates complete. We are performing final validation checks and should soon remove maintenance mode from the WebMail and SecureForm systems.
Feb 11, 05:41 EST
Update - All devices have brought back online. Web and email hosting should be restored

The last stage of the maintenance includes a database update. Once this is complete, MobileSync, WebMail, and SecureForm will be brought back online.
Feb 11, 04:42 EST
Update - It appears that our firewalls are in DFW3 and have been booted up. At this time it seems that Business Class servers (which were not moving, but whose traffic flows through the firewalls) are once more available (for web hosting and email services).
Feb 11, 01:53 EST
Update - Maintenance is on schedule. Services have been all shut down and servers are being prepared for transport.
Feb 11, 00:34 EST
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Feb 10, 23:30 EST
Update - The timeline for this maintenance has been updated as follows.

11:50pm Eastern Time: Server shutdowns begin
1:00 am: Confirmation all devices are pulled from cabinets
1:45 am: Departure from DFW1 to DFW3 data center
2:15 am: Arrival at DFW3
2:40-3:30am: Devices powered back on
7:30 am: All devices pinging and residual issues resolved

The migration window is scheduled for 8-hours so I would set your expectations for this. However, we are working diligently to get all customers back online immediately. If all goes accordingly to plan and our execution is nothing shy of perfection as we saw in the migrations similar last year, it could be finished earlier than scheduled.
Feb 1, 15:25 EST
Update - This scheduled global server maintenance/move is now 15 days away. Please read this entire status announcement for details and the timeline. Here is some updated information for you regarding what will be happening during the server move downtime:

Inbound Email:

1. If you have LuxSci Premium Email Filtering (PEF) and have your email hosted with LuxSci, then PEF will auto-detect when LuxSci's email infrastructure is down and PEF will automatically begin spooling all inbound email for you. Once the servers are back up and running, PEF will unspool all queued email automatically over a period of a few hours.

Emergency INBOX. Customers with PEF have access to a great feature called "Emergency Inbox". This allows you to login to the PEF user interface and view all of your spooled email. You can also compose new messages and reply to messages (Note that this is outside the context of regular LuxSci email and so security features like SecureLine are not available in the PEF portal. Customers under compliance requirements such as HIPAA should use the emergency Inbox for viewing but not for replying to or sending sensitive email.) For more details on the Emergency Inbox feature, see:

2. If you do not have PEF, then during the maintenance downtime your inbound email will be queued LuxSci inbound email processing servers that are not going to be affected by the maintenance. Once the maintenance is over. the queued email will be unspooled to your email folders over the next few hours.

Customers without Premium Email Filtering can contact sales or support to upgrade before the maintenance window if they would like to take advantage of the Emergency Inbox feature.

LuxSci's web site:

The WebSite will be redirected to a maintenance page. This page will have a button that will take you to this interface for current maintenance details.

Please contact LuxSci support if you have any questions before the maintenance period begins.
Jan 26, 10:18 EST
Update - This maintenance has been moved from Friday night to Saturday night, February 10th.
Jan 11, 09:41 EST
Scheduled - Our main data center provider, RackSpace, is closing down one of its data centers in Dallas Texas. This data center, DFW1, is a number of years old and is being shut down and all RackSpace customers using this facility are being physically moved to a brand new data center, DFW3. The new data center location (just down the road) is very much updated, including:

1. Higher network capacities
2. Higher power densities
3. More advanced options for fast cross connections with other data centers and third-party providers
4. More advanced maintainability solutions

In order to transition to this new facility and to close down DFW1, RackSpace is physically moving customers using DFW1 to DFW3 in waves. LuxSci's turn is scheduled for the night of Saturday, February 10th. During this maintenance window, LuxSci's dedicated hardware will be powered down, physically transported to the new data center, and powered on. This includes our firewalls, load balancers, and enterprise-class servers. Business-class servers are not being moved; however, as all traffic for business-class servers located in the DFW data centers is routed through our hardware firewalls, these business-class servers will also be inaccessible during the maintenance.

The timeline we have received from RackSpace is as follows (in Eastern Time, USA, starting Saturday night):

11:45pm Saturday - 12:40am ET Sunday - Devices powered off
12:40am - 2:15am - Devices removed and packaged for transport
2:15am - 3:15am - Devices loaded and transported to DFW3
3:15am - 4:45am - Devices racked in DFW3 and powered back on
4:45am - 8:00am - Connectivity checks and validation

The first of our devices powered back on will be our firewalls. Thus, connectivity to all business-class servers should resume first. We expect a total of 4-5 hours disruptive downtime during this migration. This will impact most LuxSci services including: hosted email, smart hosting, high volume email, inbound email delivery, email access, WebMail access, LuxSci's "" web site and all private labeled web sites, Web hosting, database hosting, SecureForm processing, SecureText, WebAides, Workspaces, API, MobileSync, and VPN.

Services NOT affected include: SecureChat, SecureVideo, Access to existing Email Archives, Premium Email Filtering, and DNS. Additionally, customers with dedicated servers outside of Dallas, will be affected only in a limited way that depends on their particular use cases.

For customers that use SecureForm's FormBuilder, your hosted forms will still be available. However, submission and saving of these forms will not work during the maintenance and your end users should receive a dialog indicating that the back-end server is unavailable.

It is, unfortunately, not possible to reschedule this maintenance or opt specific customers out of the maintenance. LuxSci staff will be standing by to make sure that all services come back online properly as soon as possible. The change of data center will otherwise be completely transparent. No IP addresses or domain names are being changed. No DNS updates or reconfigurations will be needed at all.

Please contact LuxSci support if you have any questions or concerns.
Jan 9, 09:58 EST
Feb 9, 2018

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Feb 8, 2018

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Feb 7, 2018

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Feb 6, 2018

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Feb 5, 2018

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